Beautiful Master Bedroom Makeover

Beautiful Master Bedroom Makeover

Ayisha's Diy Bedroom 4


Hi, its Ayisha popping in from Pursuit of Handyness blog.

Sandra has been kind enough to allow me to share my recent project with you guys.

When my husband and I moved into our house 3 years ago, our master bedroom was the pits. Our Ikea bed sat really low to the floor and squeaked like crazy. We had only a dresser and a Poang chair. We used two end tables at our bedside.


Ayisha's Diy Bedroom 1

When we decided to upgrade to a king sized bed, my imagination grew out of control. I was only supposed to build a king sized bed. Somehow I managed to add an additional closet, replace all the doors and knobs and build a faux fireplace and mantle.


Ayisha's Diy Bedroom 2

When I reached the halfway point, I realized that I could easily Diy this entire bedroom. I went on to build a his and her bedside tables, an upholstered bench, a settee and some custom photo frames.


Ayisha's Diy Bedroom 3

By building all the furniture myself, I was able to save enough money to buy quality linens and the fancy chandelier I had been drooling over.

Ayisha's Diy Bedroom 4

Our tastes are far from traditional and we prefer that collected over time look.  I’m quite pleased at how this turned out and I can’t wait to dive into more building projects. For more details and tutorials on the different pieces of furniture in this room, visit my blog The Pursuit of Handyness


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  1. Ayisha says:

    Thanks Sandra for featuring my builds.