Built-in Bed

Dear Sandra

I discovered your Sawdust Girl website about 18 months ago. I’ve been building up the courage to take on a built-in bed project that my youngest daughter and I have dreamed up for her bedroom. Together, we’ve been planning the design and layout for nearly a year. I had contractors come in to give me quotes – around $3,500 AUS!  Way out of our budget!

By studying all of your online plans, reading your client’s experiences and diaries, studying your website photos and drawing up my own plans I finally had the courage to take the plunge and begin the build.  Funnily enough, the design changed as the build began … what we thought would look good, just didn’t!

I have finished making the bed.  It took about 5 weeks.  I chose to build it in by securing it to the walls.  Funnily enough you posted plans on building a similar bed, just as I was nearly finished making mine!

I’m really proud of the final outcome and my 12 year old is totally thrilled. My husband can’t believe that I built it and that it has working drawers that soft close!

Built-in Storage Bed




 SL room before


Built-in Storage Bed

Built-in Storage Bed
Built-in Storage Bed

Built-in Storage Bed


Thank you for opening your home and sharing your projects, plans, expertise and experiences.

Best wishes and kind regards,


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One thought on “Built-in Bed

  1. kristin says:

    Great work Carmen! You are a brave woman. My daughter would like the same but I am not a fan of power tools. Congratulations–it looks great!