Built-in Reading Nook

built-in reading nook

The other day I mentioned how Kristy’s new bedroom can transition from a queen sized platform bed into a built-in reading nook.  Since the bedrooms in Kristy’s house are rather small, I wanted to provide her with a multi-use design that could be easily altered in the future to give the room more useable space without having to tear out all Kristy’s hard work.   What can I say, Sawdust Girl designs are well thought out.  🙂

Built-in Reading Nook Set Up:

The top of the reading nook bench opens up to reveal a large, sectioned storage box.  There is literally not an inch of wasted space in this built-in.   It’s a beautiful, functional space no matter how it is set up.

built-in reading nook

Queen sized bed set up:

The cubbies in the built-in wardrobes serve as a nightstand; a place for books, glasses, a cup of water…whatever.  Each light turns on separately with a pull chain to provide targeted reading light which is especially nice when set up as a bed so one person can read without distributing too much light on the other side of the bed.

built in daybed reading nook


Kristy did an absolutely amazing job building this plan!  It was a labor of love.

I’m glad she made sure to enjoy a few hours of story time with William in the reading nook before they placed all the bed components.

reading nook

built in reading nook


It looks like William loves it!   And so does his dad…

Shane, I think there’s an important person missing from your story time!  LOL

built in daybed reading nook


I absolutely love this room.  I could live here.

If only tickets from Knoxville to Australia weren’t so dang expensive!

Find the full set of plans for these bedroom built-ins on Sawdust Girl.

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3 thoughts on “Built-in Reading Nook

  1. That is super cool! So, do you just remove the bed parts and store them elsewhere when you want this configuration?

  2. Cindy says:

    SANDRA! This is very much along the lines of something I’ve been thinking of contacting you about for our guest room… with built-in bookshelves around the room too. Oh my.

  3. amanda says:

    Love this! Where did you get the white rouched duvet/comforter?