Built-in Wardrobes and Platform Storage Bed

Built-in Platform Storage Bed

Built-in Wardrobes and Platform Storage Bed

This is Kristy’s bedroom…  If you’ve been following along on her Sawdust Adventure you know she’s had some bumps and bruises along the way but the end result is a beautiful bedroom with built-in wardrobes and a platform bed with OODLES of storage!  When Kristy and I started working together on this project — a while ago, she knew what she wanted and she was raring to make it happen but she just needed a little guidance on how to make it happen.  And as you know, that’s my specialty.  Offering a little help and guidance on how to build AWESOME in your home.  But Kristy is the one that did that hard work.  She stuck to it, got it done and I couldn’t be more proud of Kristy’s or happy with the results!

*Catch up on Kristy’s previous update posts here if you’re just joining us.    OneTwoThreeFourFive, Six

*Find the full set of free plans for these bedroom built-ins on Sawdust Girl.

Now are you ready to see Kristy’s finished bedroom?  Tell me this is not the most beautiful small bedroom you have ever seen.  I dare you!  😉

Built-in Platform Storage Bed


Built-in Platform Storage Bed

Built-in Platform Storage Bed


Remember I said not an inch of wasted space?  We build the side drawers just long enough that they could be opened and the space utilized.  The room is rather narrow so we only got 18″ on the sides.  We didn’t want to waste all that space in the center so we built a HUGE box on casters.   That center drawer is large enough to house Kristy’s Christmas tree which is one of the things she had mentioned in our initial consultation when explaining how the house didn’t have enough storage.  The Cristmas tree was stored in her sons closet.

Built-in Platform Storage Bed


AND, since the wardrobes block the first 24″ of the platform bed and I didn’t want to waste that space either, I designed the bed to be built in 4 parts.  The sides and middle box can be removed to reveal a built-in reading nook and daybed with even more storage.

built-in storage solutions for a small bedroom

And here is the Woman of the hour, enjoying a well deserved break after all her hard work!

A few last words from Kristy…

The last 8 months (yes 8 months) has been about so much more than just building built-ins for my bedroom, I have been able to build my confidence, model a can-do attitude for my 3 year old and have my husband 100% on board the renovation journey with me now (he also thinks I can do anything!).  A massive thank you to Sandra, what a completely wonderful person and amazing builder/coach, I am eternally grateful for you sharing your expertise your brilliant attitude and the honest truth when it was needed.


Awww thanks Kristy!  I loved every minute working with you.  You are a force to be reckoned with and I can not wait to see all the new projects that are in your future.  <3

Just for fun, let’s take a look at the room when we started.


built-in platform storage bed

WOW, what a transformation!

What’s that you say?  You want to see the daybed configuration?  Well of course you do…  To be continued!  🙂

Catch up on Kristy’s previous update posts here if you’re just joining us.    OneTwoThreeFourFive, Six

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25 thoughts on “Built-in Wardrobes and Platform Storage Bed

  1. Valorie Fitzpatrick says:

    WOWZA! Nice job! So proud of you!!!

  2. Absolutely super fantastic! So beautiful! You look so incredibly proud of yourself, as you should be! That is a room anyone would be proud to call their own!

  3. Latoya says:

    I’ve been following your adventure almost from the beginning and WOW!! Great job, it looks beyond fabulous.

  4. Sue says:

    Kristy you did an amazing job. Impressive. I hope you are proud of yourself. You deserve to be. If I was your mother I would tell you how proud I am of you!!!!!

  5. Marie Roxanne says:

    Are there drawers on the other side of the bed too (near the windows?)
    What a great job, I love the look of built-ins!

  6. Cara says:

    Wow!! That looks amazing!! Great job!!

  7. Kimberly says:

    Wow Kristy, just wow!!! I am so in awe and inspired! Breathtaking…

  8. Courtney says:

    Wow, just wow! You have so much space now! I love the little bedside nooks. I’m not surprised how long it took; you did so much!!!

  9. Susan Poll says:

    Gorgeous!! It is truly inspiring!!!

  10. Lisa E says:

    Stunning! You should be proud! Very proud indeed. 🙂

  11. Melanie Swank says:

    Absolutely.gorgeous! You are amazing!

  12. Kim Massa says:

    Your bedroom is absolutely beautiful!! Well done.

  13. Adrienne says:

    I am in Awe!! So beautiful! What a great design Sandra,and Kristy you did an amazing job!

  14. krisitn says:

    CRRAAAZZZY! I love the beadboard, the horizontal board behind the bed, the storage (!!!), AND your choice for a soft, white palette to soften all the wood. It is beautiful! And to fit the Christmas tree under the bed–ha!

  15. fawn teresi says:

    It looks beautiful!!!! I love the beadboard drawer fronts! 🙂

  16. Janet G. says:

    I am so impressed! This is such a professional looking job! I love to see great design such as this where limited space is so well utilized, so kudos to you, Sandra. Kristy, you have every right to be proud of yourself! Super job!

  17. Hannah James says:

    Kristy, you’re absolutely amazing!!! This looks like an Ikea catalogue! Just beautiful 🙂

  18. Amazing transformation! Great job.

  19. Barbara says:

    I am so impressed and inspired! Unbelievable use of space–you certainly followed the formula “function follows form”. I especially love the cubby on the inside of the cabinet. Brilliant! Kudos to you!

  20. Feral Turtle says:

    Wow!!! You did it. I have been keeping tabs on this project and I am truly amazed with you Kristy! Excellent work and cheers to a great coach!

  21. Jenn says:

    This is amazing! I’ve always loved to see small rooms transformed from a negative into something wonderful and you certainly have done it here! Bravo!

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  24. Courtney says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I would be very interested in doing something like this myself, and living Australia and probably shopping from the same stores, I would love to hear the final materials costs!

  25. Hope says:

    Do you have an approximate cost breakdown of this project? Looks amazing and would love to do something similar in my own bedroom.