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Today, after consulting with Sandra, I decided I should move forward with painting the walls.  As Sandra pointed out, this will avoid heartache later when I am trying to paint, after the cabinets are installed, and spilling paint on my new cabinets.  🙂

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To get started, I have to pull down the crown molding in the area, since the book cases are going all the way to the top.  To my delight, I found that under the crown molding the 70’s were still alive under my crown molding and the popcorn ceiling was there.  No biggie, just thought it was funny.

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Thank you Sherwin Williams for French Grey paint.  Adios to weird white striped walls with beige skirt, hello uniformity!  I decided to paint the wall at the end of the room with the French doors a bright teal color, since the wall is not that big, and it makes a bold statement.

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I finished up the second coat of paint on the walls and moved all of the cabinets into place.  I also touched up the cabinets with the white paint.

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This is the middle cabinet that will hold our three printers (don’t ask), but for those that are curious, I have a work printer, we have a color printer, and I have a wide format printer for scrapbooking.

Custom built-in dsign at Custom built-in dsign at

Now, what to do with those pesky wires and plugs??  Stay tuned…

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  2. Cheryl says:

    Love how you narrate! Way to go!

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