DIY Coffee Table Makeover

Let me introduce you to a pair of bloggers.

We’ve got Liz Marie, from Liz Marie Blog, and Mr. LMB, from Craftsman Drive.

They are a husband and wife team, but they have separate blogs.

(I call him “Mr. LMB”, because that’s the name he goes by on Craftsman Drive.)

Mr. LMB is the craftsman/builder, and Liz Marie is the designer/refinisher.

They make a great team, and I have proof…

They had a coffee table that was blah, and transformed it into the opposite of blah.  Awesome!

(I love the storage underneath on this one, and  I can appreciate anything to further organization efforts.)

Mr. LMB built a new top for the table, and then Liz Marie used some milk paint on the base.

An easy way to completely change up the look of anything blah!

So which blog are you going to visit first?

(I wonder if they keep score…)

DIY Coffee Table Makeover


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