Magic Indoor Treehouse

3 sons + 1 baby girl = mayhem most of the time around here.  This summer I often wished there was a treehouse for the kids to play in… but as it turns out we hail from the desert and trees are hard to come by, and playing in the blazing heat just doesn’t happen. My solution? Build an indoor treehouse. Why not!?

This is one of those projects that simmered and simmered in my mind trying to think of the perfect way to build the thing until one day I’m driving around and I see a messy, crazy treehouse and I realized, a perfect treehouse would defeat the purpose of a treehouse. The stuff our parents built and played in was a hodge podge of left over wood and their own creations, crooked construction and clumpy paint. So, I set the perfect aside and dove in.  The only things our treehouse really needed was safety and fun, turns out I could live up to both! I stewed over the plans, mostly how to build it, enclose it, make it safe, and make it look, well, not ridiculous. One evening at a baseball game I drew out plans on a paper and it was off to the races.

indoor treehouse

I worked on the tree house over the course of months and the plans evolved, changed, became more elaborate, and more fun with each passing day. My boys willingly offered their opinion with each step and helped (by helped I mean I coerced them into) sanding, painting, and drilling. I am convinced now that I always want an indoor retreat for the kiddos… complete with a slide, rock climbing wall, and of course, a slide!


Thanks for looking, I’m flattered!

Sarah from I am Hardware

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11 thoughts on “Magic Indoor Treehouse

  1. That is perfect for boys! I know mine would love it.

  2. Amanda says:

    This is awesome! Do you mind if I ask you how much floor space the slide takes up? Just checking to see if this could fit in our basement!

    • Sarah says:

      I am honored you would ask!I just measured the slide and it is 17″ wide, 5’2″ tall, and 5’10” long (this includes the 12″ platform at the top of the slide you sit on before sliding down). The slide also rests 6″ from the floor, the drop off part. It is a 55 degree angle, I originally made it 45 degrees and the kids were really zipping down that thing. I will post all instructions next week on the blog. Thanks again for asking, I hope this helps!

  3. Julie W says:

    Awesome! I wish we had space for a nice indoor area for our 3 boys. Thankfully, the neighborhood is lousy with kids, so they do go out all the time, 100+ degrees or not!

  4. fawn teresi says:

    My son would love this! Great job!

  5. So much fun for little boys!! GReat job.

  6. Looks so fun! My boys (and girls) would love it even though we have plenty of actual trees to choose from. Nice job!

  7. Sarah says:

    Hi all, Sarah (Hardware) here. Thanks so much for the comments and compliments on this project. My boys really do play in it all.the.time. If you really want to build one you can do it!

  8. Angela says: