Built-in Dining Room Buffet – Val’s reveal

Dining room built-in buffet

Val has been working very hard on her dining room built-in for months.   I am very proud of her for sticking with it and striving for excellence.  I think her buffet turned out fabulous!  She had a few hickups along the way because the wall behind the buffet is VERY “off” and there is like a 5′ section that has no studs behind it–most likely a big contributor to the wonkiness of the wall.  At one point she tore out the entire top half and redid it because she wasn’t happy with it.  She sent me a text one morning that said, “So I had a moment yesterday…”.  I personally didn’t think the issue warranted starting over but I wasn’t there — so I trust her judgment.  It turned out amazing in the end!

Built-in Dining Room Buffet

Dining room built-in buffet - SawdustGirl.com


Val went full on SawdustGangsta and did inset doors even though this was her first door project.  She did a great job and I love the hardware she chose.

Dining room built-in buffet - SawdustGirl.com


The wall behind this buffet houses an intake vent so we had to get creative to work around that but not let it rule the wall.

The toekick space is open to the cavity of the cabinet which is all open and has no back.  The air circulates just as it would if there were a piece of furniture placed in front of it.    Dining room built-in buffet - SawdustGirl.com


It brings character and functionality to a previously “blah” dining room.


Dining room built-in buffet - SawdustGirl.com


It was a LOT of hard work for Val I’m supre proud of her for getting it done and making it awesome!

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3 thoughts on “Built-in Dining Room Buffet – Val’s reveal

  1. Adrienne says:

    Wow! Great job Val! I am inspired!

  2. Debbie Sweren says:

    WOW! What an amazing first project to break in with. Very impressive. Looks fantastic. Love the new Diaries too.

  3. So beautiful!! She did a very lovely job for which she should be so incredibly proud! I can just imagine people walking into that room and having their mouths drop open when she says, “I made that!”.