About Me

Hi, I’m Sandra Powell, aka Sawdust Girl.  I have a passion for taking a blah home and making it beautiful.  I’ve been designing and building for over 25 years. I’ve renovated 7 homes, including a flip house I took on with my sister. I do almost everything myself and have lots of tips to share.  Sometimes my tips are what NOT to do!  Hop over to SawdustGirl.com for all the tutorials.

Stick around here for progress stories while tackle my current project: an 8000Sq/ft, 2 story, industrial building. The upper floor is becoming our home. The lower level is supposed to be workshop space but half of it is storage and one room is a gym (I guess I still have enough space to work in LOL).

Teaching and Mentoring

I’ve taught in person classes and coached remote clients via weekly video appointments. These clients (and their amazing projects) was the start of The Sawdust Diaries. They kept weekly project journals to share their stories with all ya’ll!

What Now

I purchased this massive building with the intention of doing hands-on classes. The Build and Breakfast plan was announced in January, 2020. Almost immediately after that, life took on some surprise twists and turns with the pandemic and my mom getting a brain tumor and passing.

So until further notice, I’m pausing on everything outside of working on this gargantuan building that I’m making into our home. I’ll be sharing my own Sawdust Diary of that journey, right here!

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