Tetris Inspired Bookshelf


This Tetris inspired bookshelf from Brave Space Design is a cool concept worthy of a DIY idea shout-out.  The price tag for a 10 block set (like the one pictured below) costs over $2800!  Wow!  Very cool concept but that price tag might sting a bit.  This would be a great DIY project for Tetris fans out there that don't want to shell out almost 3 Gs  for a plywood bookshelf.  Heck, if there are any Tetris fans out there that want to shell out almost 3 Gs for a bookshelf I know a certain Sawdust … [Continue reading...]

Cool DIY Herringbone Wall Art


This diy herringbone wall art created by Thrifty and Chic is so cool.  It's made out  of wood sims!  How smart is that?  This is a great example of using inexpensive materials in a creative and thoughtful way to engineer a stunning focal point for a room. … [Continue reading...]

Coffee Crate DIY Wall Organizers

coffee-crate-organizers-project-how-to_thumb copy

These diy coffee crate wall organizers from Thistle Wood Farms are brilliantly done.  Kari-Ann had one large coffee crate that she chopped up to create these two hanging storage shelves.  This junk style decor mixes beautifully with the clean, white china and silver accents. source:  Thistle Wood Farms

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Unique wall decor – twig deer

Decorative Twig Deer Bust

Unique wall decor is always intriguing and this twig deer is no exception.  With the “Animal Bust”  craze we’ve been seeing for the last year or so,  this amazing twig/branch deer bust is a super cool twist.  It’s probably actually a reindeer but in terms of DIY’able idea inspiration — you get the point.   […]

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DIY Wall Lamp

DIY wall lamp

Love, love loving this inexpensive diy wall lamp from The Homesteady which cost less than $40.  Most of that expense probably went into the bulb.  Those Edison bulbs are expensive!  The bracket would be very inexpensive to make and light socket kits are around $15 so depending on the bulb you use, this could be a very inexpensive […]

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Easy DIY Hanging Art Display

DIY Hanging Art Display

We’re diggin’ this DIY hanging art display shared by Liz Marie blog.  It’s easy to create, looks super cute and super functional — one of our favorite triple whammy combinations for DIY projects!  Another great thing about this art display is you can add additional boards as you need them.  This would be a great way […]

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DIY orb pendant light


This diy orb pendant light tutorial from Crafty Nest is one of the most creative re-purposing projects we’ve ever seen!  We never would have guessed what object was re-purposed to create these stunning pendant lights.  This look can be created very inexpensively by repurposing a thrift store find and utilizing a diy pendant light kit which […]

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Fantastic DIY Honeycomb Shelves


We are loving these DIY honeycomb shelves designed by Jenna of SAS Interiors!  The white on the front of the shelves is such a great contrast to the weathered grey stain on the interior and exterior and really takes it to the next level.  Check out the full tutorial on her blog to see how […]

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Faux Marble Countertop

faux marble collage-batchelorsway.com

I’ve seen a few faux stone countertops and in general I’m not a huge fan.  But this faux marble countertop created by Ronda of Batchelors Way has me singing a new tune..  It looks like a marble slab.  I think the process Ronda used is ingenious and will have the countertop looking beautiful for years […]

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DIY Branch Chandelier

DIY branch Chandelier

Inexpensive DIY lights have been catching our eyes lately and this branch chandelier is no exception.  Wouldn’t this be an easy diy project?  Purchase a diy light socket kit, go for a stroll and find the perfect branch…  We’re diggin’ the juxtaposition of the industrial exposed bulbs and the natural wood element. source:  Design Boom […]

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diy hanging storage


We’re always looking for ways to use up wood scraps.  It seems a shame to throw away even the smallest scraps leftover from a project.  There’s always something useful and creative that can be done with wood scraps.  So the scrap pile builds up and it keeps getting bigger and bigger until we  can hardly get […]

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Easy DIY wall sconce


Love this super cool and super easy diy wall sconce made by Little Lessy.    It’s always shocking to see how expensive decorative lights can be.  There is a flood of creative geniuses out there see a price tag and think,  “I could totally DIY that!”  That ingenuity is the force behind the flood of creative […]

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